In April 2011, THQ opened it's doors as a central hub for team ordering and custom apparel design. Ever since, Team Headquarters has flourished in a high-demand team apparel marketplace and serviced some of the largest teams, associations and companies, both locally and internationally. THQ represents a one-of-a-kind, full-service custom ordering experience. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, high-quality deliverables and strict adherence to deadlines. Outfit your team at Team Headquarters and experience a new level of quality.


Our local competitive advantage is founded in our physical storefront, where teams and associations are welcome to view the products which they will be ordering, as well as fit team members prior to submitting an order. In this way, the products you choose will be ensured to suit you the moment you receive them. Furthermore, our excellent and friendly customer service representative will act as your team's personal agent throughout your time with us to assure your complete satisfaction with design, quality and price. Come visit our showroom or shop online.